$25 Exam, X-Rays & Consultation at New Era Dental in Arvada, CO

Patient testimonial on Dr. Tom Niemi

Patient testimonial on Dr. Tom Niemi

"I recently came to New Era Dental for the first time. I had called a lot of dental offices and then when calling New Era Dental the girl who answered the phone was very pleasant sounding and made me feel taken care of. She was very quick to my needs and got me in that same day for an appointment. I was in a little pain mind you.

" I met the girls at the front and they were very welcoming and polite. Dr. Niemi was a very nice man he did not judge the amount of time I hadn’t been to the dentist.

"He was happy and passionate in helping me that same day to get me out of pain, and that’s what he did. The next day one of the girls called me to make sure I was doing ok after the appointment the previous day. It was so refreshing to go somewhere and have someone take the time to help me without rushing things and doing the job half done. I feel great about New Era Dental and will go nowhere else from now on for my dental care.

"Thank You, Dr. Niemi and staff!"

- Everitt

Patient testimonial on Dr. Tom Niemi

Cleanings and Checkups

Dental Cleanings and Checkups in Arvada, CO - Tom Niemi, DDS

Everitt getting a digital x-ray with our dental assistant.

Gentle, Thorough Teeth Cleaning
Patient Education
Tooth-Colored Fillings
Gum Disease Treatment

With a $25 exam, x-ray and consultation for new patients, we encourage you to contact Dr. Tom Niemi to get a checkup and examination for your continued dental health. We serve the Arvada and surrounding areas and have been offering our services to the community for over 24 years. Our caring and personable staff will make you comfortable and use the latest technology in your treatment. Dr. Niemi will personally conduct the examination and go over your treatment program.

New Patient Exam & Consultation

Dental Cleanings and Checkups in Arvada, CO - Tom Niemi, DDS

Your examination will include:

  • Comprehensive oral exam

  • Digital x-rays

  • Full mapping of the existing state of your mouth

  • Smile evaluation

  • Gum disease check

  • Oral cancer screening

  • Discuss your treatment options

  • Answer all of your questions

$25 for new patients. Usual value $230!

To make an appointment, call us at (720) 330-8606 or click here to request an appointment online.

Thorough checkups

Dr. Niemi has considerable experience in caring for your teeth and keeps abreast of all of the latest technology with hundreds of hours of continuing education. He will find out what your concerns are and evaluate your bite, fillings, any potential cavities, restorations and the overall dental health of your teeth and gums. He will recommend improvements to your teeth, smile or bite, when applicable.

Gentle, thorough teeth cleaning with our Ultrasonic Cleaner

Good oral hygiene is very important in preventing tooth decay.  Because Dr. Niemi cares about your teeth, he performs dental hygiene cleaning himself. You can count on him to be gentle during the procedure and ensure you are comfortable throughout.

Using an ultrasonic cleaner, he will remove tartar buildup which can cause tooth decay. With Isolite dental isolation technology, he can quickly and effectively work on your teeth with a minimum of discomfort, while at the same time speeding up the process to ensure your experience is a pleasant one. As a finishing touch, your teeth will be polished up for a nice, bright shine.

Patient Education

Dental Cleanings and Checkups in Arvada, CO - Tom Niemi, DDS

An educated patient is an empowered patient! We'll make sure you understand how to best look after your teeth and gums.

Dr. Niemi also ensures that you fully understand any proposed treatment as well as the procedures as you get your dental care. He is always ready to listen to your concerns and take the time to answer any questions and explain about your treatment.

Gentle, Tooth-Colored Fillings

We use tooth-colored composite fillings to fill your teeth. Not only are these more aesthetic, they are also healthier for your body than amalgam fillings. You won't even notice Dr. Niemi's shots and Dr. Niemi's reassuring manner will put you completely at ease.

For a more durable alternative, especially for larger cavities, Dr. Niemi places porcelain onlays and inlays. An onlay is laid over the cusps of the teeth and an inlay is laid between the cusps. He uses CEREC technology (CEramic REconstruction), which produces a high-quality restoration.

Learn more about CEREC restorations.

Gum Disease Treatment

We use deep cleaning with a soft-tissue laser and Arestin® antibiotic therapy for full eradication of the bacteria. With the laser we can use less of the antibiotic treatment and also helps the gums heal faster.

Learn more about our Gum Treatment.

To make an appointment, call us at (720) 330-8606 or click here to request an appointment online.